Every business must have come across a situation where it has to choose among renting, leasing or buying an IT-Infrastructure, because this involves a huge investment and the companies don’t want to block their investment for a long term. As we always promise to serve our clients better here we try to provide some inputs regarding renting or leasing which will make our client understand thier needs better and take quick decision.

Why rent an Infrastructure?
Information Technology is changing at a dramatic speed and so is the business market. Technology and business are evolving as we go through this page. Technology are getting obsolete and business needs to invest more. In such a dynamic scenario, Rent an IT-Infrastructure is the perfect solutions for the businesses. You can rent a laptop, server, printer, and almost every Infrastructure.
Advantages of renting computer accessories are many more. A laptop will get obsolete in a year and your investment is blocked. You can rent a laptop today with a 2 GB RAM or a 3 GB RAM and with the choices of varied number of processors to chose from. Tomorrow you can rent a laptop with new configuration and enjoy. If you buy a laptop then you are the sole responsibile and you have to service the laptop and even it becomes obsolete.

  • Renting satisfy a temporary or short term needs.
  • If you are out of town you might prefer to rent IT-Infrastructure.
  • Renting is flexible and one can extend the rental or cancel at any time.

Why lease an Infrastructure?

  • Leasing satisfy a longterm or permanent needs.
  • If the project/task is more of long term and not to carry out of town leasing is better option.
  • Leasing is a fixed arrangement for a fixed purpose.
  • Leasing is cost effective.
  • Leasing is not subject to market fluctuations and interest rate increases.
  • Leasing eliminates disposal costs.

What we serve?
We provde service to almost all kinds of computer systesm, laptops, iPads, tablet PCs, Monitor and other technical equipment.

  • We provide computer systems in almost all variations, customizable in configuration
  • LCD, TFT, normal monitors in all sizes
  • Servers, Routers & Switches, desktops, laptops, all computer peripherals
  • Flat screen displays